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Happy New Year!

New Year Hitting a New Gear!

Man oh man, 2023 was some kinda special here at Feud Country Leather! We made some tremendous strides forward in our vision of supplying you with top of the line leather goods and accessories! Remodeling the outside of the shop, cleaning up and building a work table inside of the shop, and adding the University of Kentucky to our School Swag Collection was certainly challenging! But all absolutely worth the effort!

Working the Plan

I'm still not ready to share a full shop tour yet on the inside and we still need a sign, but you can see we made a tremendous difference outside! Inside, you'll soon see a workspace conducive to productivity and a couple creature comforts for customers! It should be a comfortable and inviting space for everyone!

Our original vision for the UK Wildcats belts was exactly the same as all our other teams--to get school colors, the Kentucky blue. One of our favorite suppliers had a blue we had used for some time that we liked very much. But as fate would have it, just as we got approval to make the Wildcat gear, the tannery stopped producing it and the search was on to find the right blue!

In the meantime, I pulled out an idea I'd been wallering around about a more casual look. I had been asked to make a tan belt earlier in the year with blue thread as a sort of Wildcat shoutout and I thought that would be a popular idea. The tan colored bridle leather takes a great stamp, shows tremendous depth and detail. And Hermann Oak Leather, one of America's oldest tanneries, had the leather!

We got samples of various types of blue and made a few belts and stamped a few key rings. I was finally able to get two separate blends that were perfect for each application! First, an electric blue strap leather that proved to be excellent for the key rings.

Second, and completely out of the blue--pun intended 🤣--Wickett & Craig Leather tannery in Pennsylvania came out with their brand new cobalt blue bridle leather that is a perfect match to Wildcat blue! Season saved!!

Updates and News

There's no news in the way of newer products, but seems there's lots new in our regular lineup. I've been making strides to make some higher end products and got some calf leather in for belt linings. For a more refined look, these belts need a finished interior. Calf leather does this in a way that provides comfort along with refinement. Our Mountain Heritage Belt was originally designed as the "dressier side of Feud Country", so we chose to introduce a 1" wide version to go along with the 1 1/4" version as sometimes less is more! I've made and sold a few of these, but we've also seen the need to go with a thinner thread and shorter stitch length. Plus, I'm working on a lady's reversible version! Look for that in February/March '24!

The Feud Country Leather portfolios have been hot sellers this year. Everything from award gifts to church groups to personal use purchases, the portfolios have made a significant impact on people's lives. My good friend David Zoerner was elected Sheriff in Kenosha WI and it kind of started with his portfolio! But more recently, one notable set went to the University of Pikeville Women's Soccer seniors who got theirs from Head Coach Logan Langseth!

One particular product that keeps a steady course here is our guitar straps. During Christmas 2022, I sold a couple blank versions so that the gift recipients could get their own artwork and design done instead of the buyer trying to figure it out or spoil a surprise. This Christmas we began offering belts this way too!

My leather tooling experience has made decent improvements over the last couple years and I'm getting more comfortable with bigger challenges. One of my most recent projects is currently being used on stage in some pretty awesome venues by Cory Michael Harris from Whitesburg, KY.

After a special request for a pair of Christmas gifts, I finally got around to bringing out the cheaper version Campfire Series guitar strap. We didn't do a public offering for it yet, but that's another option you can look for in the next couple months on the website. The Performer's Series starts at $225 with full tooling and artwork, but the Campfire Series comes in at $95 plain. Leather choice is currently very limited, so this will be one to watch as we get more available. (Laser engraving is available on all Feud Country Leather products starting at an additional $50 per image.)

Movin' On

Very soon I'll have brochures available for our Business Advertising and School Swag Collection that will cover everything from purchasing and fundraising to special die cut patterns and wholesale pricing. Look for the announcement and let me know if you'd be interested in receiving this handy piece of information. I'd even be interested in meeting with you and your staff to discuss your plans and how I could potentially help you with your goals!

I wanted to take the opportunity to give a big Feud Country welcome to A&H Supply in Belfry, KY who came in as a new partner store. Addison Marcum is stocking some sweet leather goodies in the showroom. This is an integral component of the Feud Country Leather business model and we'd welcome other brick and mortar retailers to join us. If you're in the Belfry area, stop by their store right off US119 at Huddy.

I can't tell you how much we appreciate all of you! Whether you bought anything from us or not, just having you here in our lives is amazing! You're following along in this journey. You root for us and we root for you! Many times, I tell folks "I'm in your corner and cheering for you!" Well, I'm cheering for you too!! We want you to win! If you're local to us here in Feud Country, we'd love to have you join us at Victory Baptist Church in Coal Run. If you're not, find a Bible believing church in your area! If you need help, reach out! I'd be more than happy to help! We love you...Jesus loves you! Thank you for being part of our story!

Keep standing!

Steve Spurlock

Ephesians 6:13

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