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Feud Country Leather Foundation belts


Feud Country Leather logo
Since 2018

Feud Country Leather started simply as a hobby in the winter of 2018.  After a few pictures were posted on social media, some friends started asking for wallets and belts.  That winter night when Steve started working with leather , Feud Country Leather was born.

Today, Feud Country Leather is still operated by Steve and Shereena Spurlock on Johns Creek outside of Pikeville, KY.  We've expanded from doing the occasional market or fair to stocking local stores with our products and offering fundraising options for schools and organizations.


Steve Spurlock, owner, Feud Country Leather
The Main Thing

Friendly customer service along with a Christian atmosphere to produce quality products has been the main thing from the beginning.  Steve's a Baptist preacher, so it's way bigger than just selling belts and wallets.  In fact, along with Ephesians 6:13, that's where "Demand better! Take a stand with Feud Country!" came from. 

We're proud of our Christian walk and our local heritage alike.  In fact, many of our product names like the Route 23 bifold and the Foundation belt are a direct result of those values.


While not everything is currently listed here on the website, our product line has evolved into a diverse line of wallets, belts and accessories to match many tastes in "refined ruggedness".  We pride ourselves in using only the best materials and solid craftsmanship to bring you high quality leather goods that will last for many years, even a lifetime.


What's in a name?

While pastoring in Mingo County, WV, Steve began learning some of the history of the famous Hatfield and McCoy Feud.  The whole region is rich with many sites that have interesting ties to both families and specific events of the feud.  In fact, the church he pastored was located on property previously owned by the famous "Devil" Anse Hatfield, the main character of the Hatfield family.   

While most of the Feud incidents happened in the Tug Fork River area of Pike County, KY and Mingo County, WV, the greater area of events stretched well beyond the "hollers" in Blackberry, Phelps, Matewan, and Thacker.  "Feud Country" was and still is an affectionate name used locally and in hashtags on social media for the area between Pikeville, KY and Logan, WV that saw the events of the Feud.  The name "Feud Country Leather" came from a lifelong respect to the area and the historic events and families involved in one of the world's most famous feuds.


We consider any place our products go a part of Feud Country and the people that love them as family! 

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